What’s News 02/22/2016


Android Community

This is an interesting What’s News because I got the idea from two things. One, class constantly talking about gaming going to be more AR related in the future, and two, I actually got the link from a friend on twitter. Also interesting because both those articles were out in 2014 and it has now become beta in 2016.

If you go to http://father.io you will see a video of the game play which is an advanced camera that is placed on your phone and acts like basically laser tag. The game itself seem to use an image of a real gun, firing sounds, etc. to get people immersed into the game.

The plot of the game closely resembles that of one those dystopian sci-fi novel and movies we’re now familiar with. Mix a drop of Matrix with Hunger Games and you’ll get the idea. Action is set in 2040 and players are divided in two teams: the Humans and the Evolved, humans who have chosen to interface their biological brain with Ethereus, the Artificial Intelligence which rules the planet. Thanks to Ethereus, all territorial conflicts, religious conflicts, ideological conflicts, and race conflicts finally belong to the past.

But something goes wrong: FatherIO – a mysterious digital virus of unknown origins – infects Ethereus’s behavioural algorithms, sending out the order to extinguish all human beings that haven’t yet become “Evolved” (Forbes)

I like the concept, as I always like ARGs but still not sure how I feel about the shooting aspect of it. Either way with this coming out soon from the looks of it the game field is drastically changing.