What’s News 02/29/2016

Link: TechCrunch

It’s interesting to see that Tablets are Dead, or at least dying, and in truth I can agree with it. Even though I don’t like it I have an iPad, two of them in fact. The older one is laying around my room somewhere dead, the second I use as a kindle mostly and, since I have a keyboard for it, occasionally to write. My Roommate got the Nexus 7 a while back and he loved it then, but once he upgraded his laptop he hasn’t used it since that I am aware of, and also he has a Nexus 6 now too which is about the same size.

Why I bring this up? Well if tablets are dying there’s one less place we can make a game for. Not that it really matters much since most phones are becoming bigger anyway and playing games on a tablet seemed rather bulky. Also most new computers are tending to be 2-in-1s where you can flip the keyboard or detach it and still have a working “tablet”. Personally I really don’t think the tablet is dead but has evolved into computers on one end and phones on the other. It filled a void when we needed it filled and now that things have evolved we no longer need the lesser of the three.


This story is interesting too and deals with the cellphone dilemma. I actually read it mostly because my game idea “Wish I Was There” uses a cellphone as its primary mechanic throughout the game. It’s hard to think that in this age of instant connection with people that having a horror, suspense, or survival game with a cellphone is almost a no go. That’s why a lot of games set their stories in the 1990s. Like “Gone Home” and “Firewatch” they base the games when there is no cellphone technology so there is no chance of calling family members, police, or anyone really.