What’s News 03/07/2016


Rumor time!

The Nintendo NX is a rather powerful device, about as powerful and easy to program for at the Xbox One. So lets go through the list shall we.

1. Wireless HDMI… that’s pretty cool. And what I am wondering then is, is the device portable or is it a stationary one. I mean the only reason I would imagine a wireless HDMI is that the game console is basically similar to the Wii U game pad itself.

2. A new type of force feedback that pushes back on your controller, so running into a wall or shooting a gun will have a recall. It’s very interesting and can be used in a variety of ways. Say like in a racing game actually feeling the force and recall or the steering wheel when trying to turn. Something I can say if they would have announced it early it would have probably been copied by their competitors (e.g. PlayStation with it’s DualShock controller after Nintendo came out with the force feedback with the N64).

3. Bluetooth syncs with everything easily. This would fit with the rumors that they want to use mobile more, and with their already in action plans of mobile games.

4. Power and easy to transfer too/program for. So as I said above as powerful as an Xbox One, 50x more powerful than the Wii U, 100x more powerful than the PlayStation Vita (though not sure why that was referenced). With this much power it can perform well with the current gen machines and be easily transferred to from any of the current systems.

5. Pokemon Go as a social feature. Nintendo is extremely smart if this is the way they are thinking gaming will go. ARGs have been around for a while and they seem to just be getting better with mobile devices. So if Pokemon Go is a Bluetooth device it can easily connect to the NX. If they have other AR type games with their own devices then you could easily connect those as well. Could you imagine an AR version of Animal Crossings?

6. So the device looks like a Samsung 2DS, which would fit with my theory of a portable yet still home gaming device. The operating system is very mobile like, very much like Android OS which is why people may have thought it was originally based off Android. The OS is simply called NintendOS and works like every modern mobile OS.

Now if this is to be believed then it’s really awesome, but it’s a rumor so you can usually never trust rumors.