What’s News 11/11/2015

Link: GameSpot

Dontnod mentioned that they are working on a sequel to Life is Strange. The sequel will be based in the same world as the first game but with different characters. The original game has you rewinding time and going back in time using using photos so you can change things in the past in an story filled point and click adventure game that’s all about choice, in five different episodes. Sadly “as of yet, Square Enix has not said whether it plans to publish a second season, and Dontnot has not officially announced a follow-up.” … which really makes this a non story.

Link: Polygon

There’s a video game museum opening up in Texas this December. The National Videogame Museum will open next month in Frisco, Texas and will “will debut with a variety of displays including a replica 1980s arcade, a console history timeline, a hall dedicated to head-to-head games as well as a collection of rare artifacts including a Sega Neptune prototype and an Atari Mindlink controller.” More info can be found here http://nvmusa.org/

Also there’s apparently this game that’s coming out called Fallout 4 I haven’t heard much about it or anything though… except on every single site spanning multiple articles that take up any other gaming news.